Welcome to the Tempie Jane Blog

We're trying something new, so bear with us as we navigate the big wide world of blogging!

I'm Savannah, the owner and operator at Tempie Jane, and I'm starting this blog to share a little about my life and business

Welcome to the Tempie Jane blog!! I've never had a blog so let's just see where this takes us. The blog will be split up into three categories, the first being TJ Everyday. This category will handle ALL THINGS Tempie Jane. Whether I'm posting about what inspires me as a designer or the day to day update of what's going on at Tempie Jane, this category has it all covered.

The second category, Fashion and Beauty, is pretty self explanatory. Here I'll share what products pair best with ours, which brands I'm absolutely in love with, and also some fashion and beauty tips.

Lifestyle is the last category and this one will cover almost everything the first two categories missed. Here I will share life events, random thoughts, likes and dislikes, and more. (This category is kind of a free for all!)

The Tempie Jane blog will have new posts uploaded every Sunday unless announced otherwise.

Now that we've learned how the categories work, I guess I have a blog to manage! I hope you follow along with me, extend a little grace, and take it one blog post at a time.