Stress Reliever No. 1: Snail Mail

For those of you who were born before 1995 then you might relate to this post. For the rest of you who were, like me, born after 1995... then you should probably keep reading.

"Snail mail should make a comeback!"

You may not know this about me, but texting is secretly one of my biggest pet peeves. Sure, it's great for asking a quick question, just saying hey, or sending gifs back and forth in the group chat for hours, but texting can be really impersonal. Whenever I want to have a conversation or rant about something, I usually prefer to Facetime or even send a letter.

I know, I know, I sound really old school right now, but I'm serious! Recently I've been really stressed out by work and the extra college classes I'm taking this summer on top of personal issues. Last night however, I had some time on my hands and I decided to write a letter, responding to a friend. After writing that letter, I've come to the conclusion that snail mail should make a comeback!

Every time I finish writing a letter, it leaves me pleasantly surprised by how stress free I am. Sure, you don't get information quite as fast as you would with a text, but there is something calming about writing a letter and making it personal (If you don't have anyone that you'd necessarily want to write to, keeping a journal is a really good alternative).

Technology has made some great progress over the years. However, we have been so caught up in what the next gadget is and how "easy" it's making it to communicate with people, that we've forgotten what it feels like to talk WITH someone, instead of talking TO them. Writing a letter to someone keeps you engaged in that person's life. More times than not I've been guilty of skimming a long text someone has sent telling me about their day, and responding with whatever I think that person wants to hear. When you call someone or write a letter, it's very hard to fake being interested without the person your talking to realizing it.

"Writing a letter keeps you engaged in what someone else is saying"

Another plus to writing letters is the stationery. I'm a HUGE sucker for gifty things like candles, calendars, and yes... stationery. Below I'll include links to some of my favorite places to get stationary from. I also like adding some calligraphy or hand-lettering to make it extra personal and pretty!

In conclusion, next time you have something you want to get off your chest, try writing a letter. Make it personal and embellish it with cutesy writing or with stickers or whatever suits your fancy.

Stationery Companies I LOVE

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