Tempie's Top 5

It's no secret that Tempie Jane's pieces are made to be "show stoppers," but as the designer, I often get asked what items pair best with my jewelry. Starting today, I'll post periodically about my favorite top 5 items (that are on the market) that I think go best with Tempie Jane jewelry!

No. 1 -- Gingham Jumpsuit (Anthropologie)

Kicking us off at number one is a black and white, gingham wide-leg jumpsuit from Anthropologie. I've always had a thing for black, white, & gold (hence the dalmatian background on the earring pic). It's classic and can be worn year round.

For those of you who know me, know that I also have a HUGE obsession with bumblebees! So, it's safe to say that this outfit is definitely one of my favorites.

Jumpsuit--- Click Here

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No. 2 -- Ribbed Lace Up Sweater Tank (J Crew)

This is my last black and white pick... I PROMISE!! For this outfit I choose a ribbed, creme color, lace up sweater from J Crew and paired it with our Tribal Black and White Earrings for a modern minimalist tribal look. With these earrings set as the focal point of the outfit, this look is sure to turn a few heads!

Sweater--- Click Here

Earrings--- Click Here

No. 3-- Open Collar Dress With Bows (ZARA)

This dress... is my new obsession! It pairs PERFECTLY with our Vintage Olive & Pink Necklace. The lightweight fabric makes it perfect for summer and the bows on the sleeve give it a subtle feminine touch.

Dress--- Click Here

Necklace--- Click Here

No. 4-- Lilac Pullover Sweater (Anthropologie)

Bear with me on this one y'all, I realize it's kind of out there. Recently, lilac and green has been a favorite color combo of mine. Just pair this sweater and necklace with some cute, white skinny jeans (or mini skirt) and your golden!

Sweater--- Click Here

Necklace--- Click Here

No. 5--- White Off the Shoulder Ruffle Top (ZARA)

Coming in at number five is a white off the shoulder top from ZARA with a ruffle detail. It's no secret that black and white is my favorite color combo ever, but a close second is white paired with cheetah print. OK, so I know cheetah print isn't actually a color but I still wear white and cheetah on a weekly basis, making it one of my most reliable fashion staples.

Top--- Click Here

Cuff--- Click Here

The items in this post might not be available much longer so hurry! Just click the links below each outfit to shop.