The Necklace Making Process

Like most creatives, I have a method to my madness. Continue reading below to learn how a necklace is designed and made at Tempie Jane!

My "creative process" involves rearranging the beads I've purchased into rainbow order!

All creative people (designers, artists, etc.) usually have a method to their madness when creating a new piece. They have certain things that inspire them or places they may go to get their wheels of creativity spinning. My creative gears spin every time I see colorful and bright beads (EVERY. SINGLE. TIME). Like a moth to a flame, as soon as I see something remotely bright and colorful, or unusual... I must investigate. It's one of my favorite things about Tempie Jane. Sourcing beads and vintage brooches is like being on a treasure hunt. More times than not, the stores I visit aren't organized, so it's up to me to dig and find exactly what I'm searching for... even if I might not know what it is in that moment.

Once I return to my studio, goodies in hand, I like to dump everything I found on the floor and organize the beads in R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. (rainbow) order. It's weird, I know, but something about seeing the beads organized for the first time sparks some creativity! I then start to play with unusual color combinations or see which beads best compliment the vintage brooches and belt buckles. When I have a bad case of "jeweler's block", my next favorite sources of inspiration come from watching old movies (especially ones with costuming done by Edith Head), listening to music, or just looking at images on Pinterest.

After I've come up with a few necklace designs, I set them aside and start creating! Occasionally I'll make a necklace, put it on the mannequin, and realize it looked better laid out on the floor than as an actual necklace. When this happens, I take it apart and go back to the drawing board... Literally! I have an inspiration board in my studio filled with magazine articles, items I've found on the Internet, tassels, paint colors, and inspirational quotes. Once the final necklace has been created, I go to work taking pictures. I edit and upload the best looking pictures to the website and that's it!

So much time and thought goes into each piece I make, so it makes me truly happy as an artist when I see a customer fall in love with a piece that brings out their unique style. It makes me even happier when I get to see how that customer has decided to wear that piece and I get a glimpse of the customer's personal style!

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